Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Funny Signs I Have Seen Whilst Traveling

I always encourage RVers or any fellow travelers to take a camera with them everywhere they go. You never know when you will come across something you must preserve and show the folks back home. These days, of course, you can always use your phone to take pictures of any unusual sights but I'm kinda old school. It's unnatural for anyone born before 1990 to go around pointing cell phones at people and farm animals.

I saw this sign in rural Tennessee in the summer of 2007. At the time I really wondered what the heck "chocolate gravy" was. Now I just look at the cost of gasoline and weep silently.

Niki's West in B'ham. Those of you who are Martin Sexton fans like us should know that he loves southern cuisine and eats there when ever he's in town.

Almost anyone can afford a plague these day. They are not just for Europeans anymore!

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