Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Current Gas Prices Are No Joke

Warner Bros "The Dark Knight" 2008

In a vivid scene in the recent mega-hit "The Dark Knight", Heath Ledger as The Joker sets a well-ordered pile of millions of stolen dollars on fire. "I'm a man of simple tastes," he snarls at one of his co-criminals, who, not astonishingly, wanted to keep the money intact, "I like dynamite and gunpowder and gasoline, and they are cheap."

I wanted to stand up and say "Uh, excuse me...Mister Joker? Sir... sorry to interrupt your reign of terror but...gasoline is NOT cheap!" but I didn't dare, because 1.) I'd be talking to a movie screen and 2.) both The Joker and current fuel prices are equally frightening. The truth is that yes, gas is high enough at current prices (mostly $4 per gallon and over, although I noticed some in lower Alabama on the way to Florida --Andalusia, to be exact -- last week at $3.79 per gallon. Who ever thought we'd be grateful to pay that?

Gasoline is one of the big costs of RVing and that's a simple fact. Most RVs do not get great gas mileage and the cost of gas to power your moving adventure was often more than offset by the relatively cheap cost of living or vacationing in an RV, the "all amenities included" costs of many RV resorts, the fact that you can buy your own groceries and eat in, you can take the pets with you (no boarding or kennel fees), heat your RV if needed with propane, which is relatively cheap ( it cost us $65 for an entire winter's worth of central heat in 2007) and tow your car behind your rig if you are in a Class A or C motorhome ( thus saving on regular car mileage/gas costs) until you get to your destination. But even so, current gas prices have slowed John's and my traveling down to a crawl this summer and we have opted to stay in each place longer and get to know that place better. I don't think we are alone in this.

I read today about RV makers going lighter and more gas efficient because of high fuel prices:

And here's some other links to fuel and travel that might make your vacationing easier and less hard on the wallet. After all, you get away to ease your mind and enjoy your time on earth, not to make your life more tense!

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